Turmeric Ginger Mocktail

Servings: 1 mocktail Start Here: 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp ground ginger 2 oranges 8 oz Ginger Grapefruit Syrup (recipe bel...

Sparkling Strawberry Spritz

Servings: 1 mocktail Start Here: ½ oz lime juice ½ oz agave 5 mint leaves, muddled Strawberries Lime slices 3.5 oz s...

Grapefruit Paloma Mocktail

Servings: 5 mocktails Start Here: 3 c grapefruit juice½ c lime juice1 c agave2 cans Veryvell™ Focus Sparkling CBD Wa...

Earl Greyhound Mocktail

Servings: 1 mocktail Start Here: 1 oz grapefruit juice1 oz Earl Grey tea1 oz maple syrup or honeySplash of lemon jui...

Blueberry Lavender Fizz

Servings: 1 mocktail Start Here: 3 oz blueberry juice½ oz lavender simple syrup½ oz lemon juice1/8 tsp vanilla extra...

Mistletoe Kiss

Servings: 1 mocktail Start Here: 6 oz aloe vera juice drink with pulp2 oz lemon juice2 oz Rosemary Simple Syrup (rec...

Holiday Spiced Winter Sangria

Servings: 2 mocktails Start Here: ¼ c Holiday Spice Simple Syrup (recipe below) 1 c grape juice 1 c orange juice 1 c...
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